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Spirit Energies -Their Influence and Guidance

Through personal psychic enlightenment, the mysteries of the human mind are being understood more than ever before, revealing greater powers of perception than previously accepted, including the understanding of other psychic realms and life energies. Because of the religious background that runs through many aspects of our western society, spirit guides or forms are often treated as a form of angelic or daemonic spirit. Those who experience guides are often viewed as being unbalanced or subject to delusions, by people who do not understand the subtle streams of psychic consciousness that you need to develop and understand, in order to achieve the receptive balance to connect to the influence and guidance of spirit energies.

Like many forms of protection, our guides are not always with us 100% of the time. This form of shadowing would be uncomfortable for you, who wants to be monitored 24/7? So they do not follow us around every minute of the day. So you need to learn to establish specific times and different levels of communication and with them. This means conscious development of your psychic abilities and increased consciousness for greater contact with the spirit guides. Your degree of perception will vary according to your personal efforts and the amount of practice and understanding that you put into developing your psychic abilities.