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Usage of Lightweight Medical Gloves

While latex is still the most common material used for medical gloves, skin allergies to latex have been reported by numerous people in the medical profession and outside of it. Hence neoprene and nitrile are being used as alternative materials in producing lightweight medical gloves, and they have become very popular today. The only problem with these materials are the gloves produced by using them are a little bit thicker than latex gloves. This has made them less appealing to the medical professionals than the latex gloves. Gloves are sometimes powdered with cornstarch or un-powdered. The benefit of a powdered glove is the convenience of putting it on the hand.

Lightweight medical gloves are used in hospitals, morgues, funeral homes and laboratories around the world. They can be purchased from any drug store and are inexpensive. These gloves are a must in the first-aid kit of homes and offices. Even though regulations specify that restaurant staff should wear plastic gloves, most of the restaurant staff prefer to wear latex gloves since they are comfortable and more durable than plastic gloves. Lightweight latex gloves are one of the few items that were created in the late 1800’s and are still being used with a few modifications.