Your Retirement Plan

You should have a Retirement Plan As If You Live Forever!

Everyone knows that they need to start planning for retirement sooner rather than later.

In fact, starting at thirties or so would be perfect. With the fact that there few people who actually see their careers progressing the way it would, people don’t often have enough money to set aside. Often, they find that they aren’t even setting aside enough for real expenses that are far more urgent and pressing – such as saving for a child’s college.

If you are 60 today, and plan to retire in 10 years. Aggressively contributing to a retirement account can always take you long way.

But what do you do do if you have already retired? Planning for retirement may not really be that tough? There are still strategies that you can take up to help improve your quality of life. Those people require the best advice available, for most are floundering. Reducing withdrawal rates, selling off, avoiding dubious loans may help, but for many, if possible, returning to work is the only hope.

Everywhere you look, experts seem to have little else to say other than to ask you to work longer. If it isn’t working full-time, they ask you to consider working part-time for 10 years after you actually retire.

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