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  1. The highs are really high. What’s missing is really low….. I am a massive fan of Queen and am happy to support nearly everything the band produces. That being said, I’m also not the kind of reviewer that’s going to drool a five star review over everything they create. While I’d like to think Brian and Roger, along with their quality control team actually listens to what the fans say, the longer time goes by, it becomes readily apparent they really do not.This release is special in terms of giving us die hard fans access to the archives. But as a SUPER DELUXE compilation, it’s a bit of a mess.Since the last remaster was approximately 5 years ago created for the box set re-release of their entire studio catalog, I don’t think there was much need to revisit the sonic landscapes of the proper album. Disc two is really, truly, where most of the value in this box set lies. So I will spend the most time here.The We Will Rock You Alternate take begins with some studio banter, which is always fun. The vocal differences are not extreme and the guitar outro is more or less Brian noodling about. It’s fun, but not a highlight.We Are the Champions features an entirely new vocal from Freddie. It’s not nearly as polished as the final take, but it’s still a great treat. It also features a triple repeat on the chorus outro, followed by a brief interlude, and one more partial chorus. The decision to edit it down was invaluable. As brilliant as the song is, this extended version languishes far too long. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I have heard it. It’s just not nearly as good as the original.The Shear Heart Attack rough mix is a head scratcher. I’ll circle back to this one on my comments regarding disc three.Getting to hear Freddie’s somber take of All Dead All Dead is phenomenal! It’s so understated. Truly a gem.Spread Your Wings is a completely different take on the song. And it is beyond splendid. Another absolute gem.Fight From the Inside features Roger scatting part of the vocals as he figures out how to approach the final delivery. It’s not really that great of a song to begin with, but this alternate version is great to hear.Get Down Make Love. Another complete gem!!! The band is talking about Brian’s dissonant note on the intro of the song and is really in full force. Without the space age middle part segued in yet, this is much more raw Complete Heaven.Sleeping on the Sidewalk will wait for disc three.Who Needs You. It’s hard to pick a highlight of this release. But this just might be it. It begins with Freddie telling John to keep the acoustic guitar run at the beginning of the track all the way through. You can tell Freddie adored this song. Hes humming the melody to the as yet completed lyrics. Pure bliss.It’s Late – Mostly the core track with some different vocals from Freddie, particularly on the bridge. Nothing revolutionary. But a fun inclusion for sure.My Melancholy Blues is the same as above. Another fun alternate take that doesn’t diverge extremely from the finished product.Overall – for the most part – disc two doesn’t disappoint in lifting the hood on the Queen archives and giving us a working copy of the album. It’s by no means perfect, but it is overall a great job..Now… On to Disc three – UGH! What a mess. It begins with Feeling Feelings (Take 10) The same version we got on the bonus EP from the box set five years ago. I mean, couldn’t you give us take 9? Also, isn’t there any other unreleased material form this time frame we could include here?The next five songs come from the BBC box set that was just released last year. I guess it’s not a travesty that it is included here. But considering what’s missing, this is a really frustrating use of space.The next five songs are pretty much the only thing of value on disc three. They are the backing tracks to five of the first seven songs on the album. And they are TRULY SPLENDID. Removing Freddie’s vocals from the tracks reveals just how tight, smart and talented the musicianship of this band was/is. But since the Sheer Heart Attack version that we skipped discussing before was pretty much just like these non-vocal versions, why is it on disc two instead of disc three?MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY!! Where are the other five instrumental backing tracks? I’m at a total loss why they would release half the album as instrumentals, and not include the rest. COME. ON. GUYS. This is completely insane from a QC perspective.The last song from disc two not addressed was the live version of Sleeping on the Sidewalk, taken from a random venue during the 1977 tour. Um… again…. What are the compilers thinking? Since the last half of disc three is random live takes of the album tracks, why wouldn’t THIS be the place for Sleeping? Apparently the boys…

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