How To Install Inline Water Filters

The first step is to find the location where the system needs to be installed. The best place is under the kitchen sink. The inline filter can be connected to the pipeline under the kitchen sink. The next step is to remove the pipe under the kitchen sink. Remove the part of pipe between the water supply valve and the tap.

The next step is to connect the inline filter in between the pipe and the tap. The inlets are marked on the filter with marks of “IN” or other symbols. Connect this part to the kitchen tap. There will be additional instructions given with the filters mounting kit. Read the manual for clear information about connecting the inline filter to the tap.

Next step is to drill holes on the wall to place the compartment of the inline filter. There will be a bracket and some screws with the product. Use these items to connect the compartment to the wall. Now the filter is almost installed. You will need to test the connection by running the water. Rectify any leaks that may be there. This will help you and your family to enjoy a glass of pure water and stay healthy throughout life.

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