Not If, But When

Having a senior parent in the home can be a joy and a job. As they age, they will need more care. This is not an “if” type of situation, but more so of a “when.” It will happen. It is nice that they are able to live with family, but when the care becomes too much without a full time caregiver, you may need to look into a continuing care senior facility for them. There is no harm in looking and gathering information about a continuing care facility. In all truth, it is more wise to gather information and select a care facility before you need to make a quick decision.

Look in your area for what places you would consider your senior parent living. Talk to those who are already using the services at these type of facilities. Research the places online, and do ask around. Try to get an unbiased opinion. You should be wanting to make the best informed decision when it comes time to finally make that decision.

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