God’s Not Dead

In Praise of God’s Not Dead

God’s Not Dead is a film that manages to touch on some very important issues in a way that should be accessible to a broad audience. Many college students and recent college graduates will be able to identify with many of the students in the film, particularly the protagonist Josh. The experience of having one’s ideas challenged in college is a very familiar one for a lot of young people everywhere, and it is possible that many of them have gone through personal journeys like Josh’s. However, the presentation of these ideas is still very dramatic.

The film does not fall into the trap of showing characters merely discussing ideas. The ideas still manage to influence and animate the events of the story in a way that should be compelling for a lot of people. God’s Not Dead succeeds as a dramatic presentation, and is filled with powerful arguments in favor of Christianity.

Ultimately, the quality of a film’s acting can make or break it, and God’s Not Dead features some good acting. Shane Harper makes the protagonist a very down-to-earth person that many of the film’s target audience will be able to relate to, even if their college years are distant memories for them. The film features some great work by Kevin Sorbo as the opinionated and passionate Professor Radisson. The antagonist of any piece is often the primary force that shapes the events of the story, so it’s good that Kevin Sorbo manages to act as a formidable presence in the story.

Benjamin Ochieng also does a good job as Reverend Jude, and Cassidy Gifford succeeds as Kara. The target audience for the film will certainly appreciate God’s Not Dead, but many people have still grappled with the issues and the struggles that it presents at some point during their lifetimes. God’s Not Dead may even give some people renewed confidence in their faith.

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