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Sun Powered Computer Keyboards

Did you know that the energy that the sun produces in one hour, exceeding the annual consumption of 6.8 billion people?

Amazon ImageThe American inventor Charles Fritts recognized already in the 1880s, the energy of the sun and developed the first solar cell.

Since then, the solar energy gains in importance in our daily lives.

SOLAR is the future!

Logitech, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of computer accessories, made ​​with the innovative Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac and PC in the previous year, the first light-powered keyboard in the world.

The Logitech Solar Keyboard K750 comes without cables and Solar battery instead – Environmental and economic advantages are what you get!

If all computer users would switch to Solar Keyboards worldwide, could fabled 828 million AA batteries per year saved be. Sequentially placed together, they would encircle the equator.

With the saved energy is also almost four Eiffel Towers could be lit all year indefinitely!

Why buy batteries again, but when the sun does the job for free and environmentally friendly.

Not only solar powered convinced the keyboard beyond the eco-Heart: The material is completely recyclable, PVC-free and supplied in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.

Charging at any time and lasts a long time

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard recharges when light is present – regardless of whether sunlight or artificial light – the charge even in complete darkness up to three or four months (PC or Mac) remains long. No replacement batteries and certainly no more cables!

Ecologically, economically smart and also really stylish!

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Going Solar: Common Thoughts

Solar panels are all becoming quite popular these days. With all kinds of other utilities climbing in price and rarity just about, solar is the way to go. It makes sense too. Think about it. In sunny California there is plenty of sunshine to go around; so to turn energy into electricity makes perfect sense. Why not? It is a reusable resource anyways! It is the smart choice; it is the wise choice; it is the money saving opportunity. There have also been (and are) tax incentives and rebates going on when you go solar.

Making the decision can be a process, sure. You’ll want to know what all is involved, what the solar panels will look like, what type of maintenance is required, or what the common repairs or troubleshooting techniques are. These are all common thoughts to be expected during the time you are considering going solar. Start by talking to your family about it, well the adults at least. Do some mild to moderate research online too. Then, when you are salivating for more information specific to your home, contact for a free estimate on what it would take to go solar. It does not hurt to ask, and a free estimate is non-binding. Get informed and get one step closer to going solar.

Solar Refrigerator and Freezer Kits

One of the problems that you would encounter when there is no electricity is spoiling of food inside the refrigerator or freezer. Food can go to your waste basket if the power outage continues for quite some time. In order to prevent such problems, you need to have another source that will help power up your refrigerator or freezer.

In times like this, you need a solar refrigerator and freezer kits. It is a system that is attached to the appliance so that it can still function whenever the power is out. You can also use it if you do not wish to connect it to your main power grid and save on electricity bill. These products help you save money and at the same time prevent food spoilage.

Solar panel kits are commonly used in every household nowadays.