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Sales Success And Playing Mind Games

Sales is a great profession, but it is tough! I finally came to the conclusion that fighting myself playing mind games was not productive at all. All of us in sales have dealt with the battle within the mind, that battle to keep the mind focused on doing the things that must be done to succeed. I know the routine, I know that I have to make the calls and see the people. So like the saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” I decided that was what I was going to do: play the game.

Instead of thinking negatively of the mind games, I rededicated my efforts to a technique I had learned many years before. My trainers insisted that I keep good records, which I did for a long time. After I had adequate data accumulated, I was able to calculate how many suspects I needed to add to my lists, how many calls I needed to make through the list each day, how many appointments I needed to set, number of sales presentations and closing attempts I had to make to get a sale. Ultimately, because I had kept detailed records, I was able to calculate how many calls I had to make each day to make a sale, therefore knowing how much money I was making each time I dialed the telephone.

The mind games that had evoked misery became easier; the process even became fun. I knew the reward awaited me as long as I did what I had to do each day. In my thinking I won in the mind games, even making the games reward me!