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Rules for Hiring a Worcester Car Accident Lawyer

For those who have suffered a personal injury from a car accident in worcester, consumers should understand their legal rights. One such common right is the right to participate in the Superior Court annexed Arbitration Program.

As a personal injury lawyer whose practice includes representing car accident victims, I am familiar with this process. In fact, the arbitration program, although non-binding, can sometimes be extremely helpful in settling car accident cases before trial. This article provides a brief and general outline of some rules for Superior Court arbitration. This is only a brief overview. In my law practice as an AV rated Worcester car accident lawyer, I offer consultations to the public discuss a specific situation in more detail for free and without any obligation. Whether you retain me or not, I want the consumer to understand their rights against the bigger, well-financed insurance companies whose primary objective is paying consumers the least possible for their personal injury claim and taking a long time to do it.


All civil claims under $100,000 filed in Superior Court are subject to arbitration, with certain exceptions. The $100,000 amount does not include interest, court costs, or attorney’s fees. The Superior Court may withdraw your claim from arbitration or determine the amount of your car accident claim is actually less than $100,000 and require arbitration.


You and the opposing party have thirty days to select an arbitrator from the Superior Court’s list. If the parties cannot agree, the Superior Court will let the parties strike two names from a list of five and then selects from the remaining. Arbitrators receive a set payment per case. They must inform everyone if they have any bias, financial or personal interest, or relationship with the parties or personal injury attorneys involved.