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Expanding Your Netflix Canada Selection

So it’s a cold rainy day outside and you decided to just stay home till the weather lays low. You were so bored that you would eat rice using chopsticks, but thanks to your computer you didn’t do it. You got tired of chatting with friends on Facebook and telling snippets of your life story through Twitter, so you turned to opening the YouTube site. After a couple of laughs from funny gag videos and alike, you decided to feed your ears with some good old music. To your shock, you can’t play a certain video, and then a couple others follow. A common mystical phrase is the reason behind that, I’d guess: Sorry, this video is not available in your region. Well, you’re probably experiencing pretty much the same thing for your Netflix Canada Selection.

The Beautiful Netflix and its Major Flaw

Netflix has been around in Canada for a bit more than 3 years now with its initial launch in September 2010. This had opened gates to streaming tons of movies and many popular TV shows with complete and up-to-date episodes. One of the perks of the video streaming site is that it does not limit itself to a single device. Instead, it makes itself compatible to virtually any device that has the capacity to hold its required specs. May it be the PS3, Xbox 360, and even your handheld smartphone devices – all that with no additional costs. One subscription goes to all of your compatible gadgets.

The big and recurring problem about Netflix is that it limits its selection depending on what country you are in. So if you’re Canadian, then you are limited to what movies have been granted for the Canadian region. The figures today aren’t really disclosed yet, but during the initial launch, Netflix Canada had 3000 movies topped with TV shows while US Netflix had 8000 movies and a complete list of TV episodes. There is totally some weighty difference there.

Breaking through the Reins

After talking to a couple of people, there is one theoretical conclusion I came up with: They must be feeling like they’re dogs tethered to a post. Others say that they’ve been trying to watch some featured movies to no avail, especially those that are 3D-integrated. But there’s no need to stay grounded by the dismal thought of Canada Netflix being restrained to some extent. What matters now is that there is a way to make a breakaway from this on-going issue. And using a VPN service is by far the best solution to this problem. A great way to expand your Netflix Canada selection.

VPN Services in Canada

There’s a lot of VPN hosting companies in Canada to mention. Also, most of them are Unblock Us companies, which are capable of giving you access to IP addresses that are exclusive only in the US, which in some way shatters that exclusivity. When your computer wears this US IP address, it is rest assured that you can open the portal that lets you roam around the used-to-be inaccessible sites in the past due to their exclusivity for US subscribers. You’ll find yourself unblocked from the YouTube videos you’ve longed to watch and of course gain full access to the Netflix USA system. According to recent statistics, 10 percent of Canadians are hooked to VPN services for the exact same reason. That 10 percent is right around 2.5 million users, which is truly some substantial amount.

Some of the in-demand shows in other regions that are initially only set for US subscribers would be Supernatural, Breaking Bad, DC’s Arrow, and lots of other cool titles. By using a US IP through VPN services, you wouldn’t have to worry about regional blocks and finally get to watch these shows and more.