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Flashlight Friends As Seen On TV Review

Facts: Each flashlight friend’s cuddly stuffed animal automatically shuts off after 10 minutes and makes a great reading like for kids at night. They are available in 6 cuddly animals: Pink Unicorn, Black Penguin, Green Turtle, Green Dragon, Blue Puppy, and Purple Panda.

Our Review: The Flashlight Friends As Seen On TV are a stuffed animal and flashlight in one; Kids love stuffed animals and flashlights too! Now there together in a fun new toy. Tap the light once and it comes on tap it again and it turns off, the kids will love it for night games and their perfect for sleepovers or reading at night.

When the lights go out at night not just do the little ones find this cute cuddly toy fun it also offers them a secure and safe feeling. Each vibrant personality brightens up the room with its built-in LED light at the center of the tummy that includes an auto off feature that goes off after 10 minutes so it never gets hot throughout the night.

Parents can be more involved with their kids now and make the most out of these cuddly friends by telling stories at night with them that they love to hear. These cuddly toys are a great value for the money too because the light last for hundreds of hours and are easy to use. the flashlight friends turn off on their own after 10 minutes so there incredibly safe for your children. We give the flashlight friends as seen on TV a four out of five stars rating for safety and fun.