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Home Remedies to Kill Ants

Ants are no pets in any home. They are a bother and a threat to peaceful surroundings. Unfortunately, no home is safe from ants infestation and every effort is made to get rid of them as soon as they appear. However, there are good home remedies to kill ants available that can easily kill ants.

Types Of Remedies

When ants infect your home you don’t only try to kill them or drive them away. They may probably be camping very near you and until their camping base is completely destroyed you are not safe. So just look and trace them to their colony and destroy it completely.

As I’ve said already, there are various home remedies to kill ants available that you can help yourself with. There are natural or organic remedies like cornmeal and salt, and chemicals or pesticides like DDT. Any of them could kill ants but the home remedies have no effects on humans and pets.

Home Remedies to Kill Ants Examples

Cornmeal: A natural home product that people across the world eat but very detrimental to ants. Its made from maize and corn and come in different colors. Just sprinkle cornmeal onto ants and they won’t last long.

Salt: You may also spread salt around their occupied places. Salt repels ants and kill them as well. You may can use salt solution in boiling water. Spray it onto them and they will stop bothering you.

Chili powder: You may spread the chili powder on the nests and hives surrounding your homes and it will provide a line of control for the ants to enter your house.

Soap: The ingredients of bath soaps are no friends of ants. You can always have some soapy water ready to spray at every entry point of these ants. This will definitely help you to remove these uninvited guests from your home.

There are other home remedies to kill ants which are equally good. If you don’t have these available you can do a little research for many others.