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Vinyl for Bathroom Flooring is less expensive than other materials

In other words, if what you’d really love is a wood, marble or brick flooring, you can easily find vinyl that gives you the look with the added advantages of being much easier to clean and more durable. Vinyl is water and dirt-resistant and can be cleaned easily. You can also get non-slip vinyl so it is still easy to walk on when wet. Linoleum is a different material and while in recent times many people have switched from it to vinyl, it still holds a number of advantages. A natural substance, it is derived from linseed oil – hence the name. Though vinyl wears well against having things dropped on it, lino is sometimes considered to be even more long-lasting if it is properly maintained. It may have a special treatment to help it repel water and grime. Neither is significantly better than the other. To decide between them, think about your lifestyle and circumstances and also look to see differences in their appearances. You can determine what your new floor will cost with a flooring cost calculator.

Hardwood flooring install calculator online

If you’re tempted to hire the cut-rate hardwood floor contractor who stuffed an advertising flyer in your mailbox, then you might end up being disappointed or even appalled. High-quality hardwood installation requires training, years of experience, and top-grade materials. That beautiful, gleaming look you’re expecting to see is not going to be produced if the flooring contractor takes shortcuts. Not only does this significantly reduce the amount of dust that litters the floor, but it also shows a higher degree of professionalism and attention to detail. These are all desirable characteristics when selecting a hardwood installation contractor. You might also consider using a flooring installation calculator for hardwood.

The surest way to find a capable contractor to install a hardwood floor in your home or business is through a recommendation from a friend, relative, or co-worker. When someone you know and trust gives you a glowing recommendation of a contractor who did great work for them in their home, chances are you’ll also be pleased with the quality of their work. In addition to hardwood floor installation, another option that has its own set of advantages is laminate flooring. Although each choice has pluses and minuses, laminate floor installation creates a more durable surface that doesn’t dent, stain, or need refinishing. A laminate floor can replicate the look of virtually any texture, design, or color because it uses a photograph of a wood grain or stone texture to create a customized look. Once you’ve decided that a hardwood or laminate floor is the look you’d like incorporate into your home, find a good flooring contractor in your area who provides free estimates, uses dustless sanding machines, and offers a warranty on all workmanship.