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Spoons, Bites, and Justice

Dogs. Dogs are nice. Some dogs are not. Have you ever met a not very friendly dog? It may happen from time to time that you encounter a dog that does not like you very much. Have you heard of the spoon theory? It is an alliteration that related to people in a way, but it can also relate to dogs. If a dog is put in a position that makes it feel uncomfortable, it is pressured to do something or it feels threatened, and maybe it is being cornered then your chances are quite high that this dog is going to react negatively. This dog may attack.

Other times dogs attack out of their own initiative. They may attack for they feel one negative way and that turns into the flight or fight mode. If the dog decides to fight, or in their case bite if even for just a moment, you have a serious situation on your hands. Contact a lawyer if you or someone you know has been the victim of a dog bite attack. Read more here: