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Before Asking A Girl Out Over Text- Have the Right Mindset

Establishing the appropriate frame of mind when you are texting girls will certainly make a big difference in your success rate. Believe it or not, having the wrong mindset is what messes most men up when they are texting girls. And even speaking to them face to face. Your attitude establishes just how and exactly what you say which happens with, also in text.

“When your mindset changes, every little thing outside will change along with it.”? Steve Maraboli
When you change just how you view yourself, others will to. So also when you are texting girls, and whether you are texting a girl for the first time, or if you have been going out recently, it is important that you place yourself in the best state of mind just before texting her!

Some of the reason for this is if you don’t have the best mindset, then you will constantly have a hard time coming up with exactly what to say and if you are in a negative frame of mind, it will come across in your text. This happens even if you do end up texting girls the right things, they will notice your state of mind and start losing attraction for you.

Girls have a type of guy ESP so beware what you are thinking about!

Lets talk about the attitude you must have when texting girls.

First you should focus and get rid of any kind of bad mood you have taking place. Believe me, if you are pissed regarding a vehicle parking ticket, or a girlfriend giving you grief, when you text a girl, she will know something is up. Also if she doesn’t think that electricity as being about her, she will get the feeling that you in some way are off, and that is bad for attraction.

Have the attitude that when you are texting girls that you are brightening their day. Your texts are adding excitement to their lives and making them a lot more amazing.

While you aren’t doing this by being overly polite and aggressive, you are doing it by taking note of her. As a higher value man you are doing her a favor by taking note of her. Your attention adds value to her life.

Women are all attention seekers, looking for the Alpha man. Be the Alpha, give off the Alpha vibrations and merely by paying attention to her, she will be attracted to you.

Ask yourself this question, how would your frame of mind be if you had a lots of women chasing you? Exactly how would speak to girls? How would you text? When you are texting girls, you have to hold that frame of mind firmly in your head!

If you are texting girls and have many to select from, would you go crazy if one didn’t reply to your text immediately? Of course not! Would you sit by the phone and check it every 30 secs to find out if she has gotten back to you? Nope!

You are essential, busy and do not have to worry if you are texting girls and one ignores you. You were doing her a favor after all!

Now, in our minds we like to think the worst. But the reality is that there are lots of reason why she might not be texting you back. But none of those actually exist if you have the right mindset when you are texting girls.

Your mindset when you are texting girls will make or break you, even if you know all the right words to text her.. Prior to you getting on the phone again to text message a girl, stop for a second and envision the person that you intend to be and have him send that text.