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Simple Steps to Clarify Dream Messages

The all-important keys are to trust your feelings, run a reality check and go back inside your dream to get more information. Your feelings, on first waking up, are an instant and usually impeccable guide to the general quality and urgency of the dream. Running a reality check means checking how elements in the dream relate to your waking life and checking to see whether the dream may be a premonition of possible future events in waking reality.

We dream future events quite often, though few of us pay attention. If you can see the possible future you may be able to take action to change the future for the better. The best way to understand the full meaning of a dream is to learn to go back inside it in your mind while fully alert and conscious.

When we know that dreams show the wishes of the soul, we will surely want to support each other in honouring this guidance, so start sharing dreams with a friend. Never presume to tell the other person what his or her dreams mean. Always do something with your dreams!
Real dreamwork is about energy about bringing that vital energy from a deeper reality into the daylight world. Sharing a dream with another person is already a step towards action. As your dreams guide you, you are taking a longer step on the road of soul, the best road to walk.