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7 Ways to simplify your life

It always comes down to a list. Dear Santa, this year I want less chores, more fun… wait! I can do that for you. Just follow the list and pick one task for each day of your next week. Do it, stick to it and see what difference it makes.

And if you still want more, you can always check out the How to simplify your life book here.

Simplify your homework tasks

Do you live alone? If not, perhaps its a good time to take a look at who is doing what list and share more equally. If you’re alone, do you really need to do everything by yourself? You can usually hire help before holidays or on a regular basis, and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Extra time for yourself is worth it.

Quality, not quantity

The old saying goes: “I am not so rich to buy cheap stuff” cheap stuff breaks faster and it means extra trouble to fix, or replace. Also space might be becoming a premium.

Few quality items can go a long way, so next time you go to the store, think ahead, and buy smart.

Simplify your finance

Credit cards can be tempting, and if you shop on the internet, also safer. But you might need to see real numbers to keep on top of your spending.

One of the good tips is to buy one of those preloaded cards, then use that. Firm limit ensures you stay within your monthly budget. If you save something, feel free to treat yourself at the end of the month.

Work creatively to share your strengths

Choice of your job should be not just because of money. We spend a lot of time at work. Make that time count and choose job that fulfils you, and help you to share with others your true strengths. You’ll be happier for it.

Work as a team

Learn to delegate and lean on the strengths of others when your own skills arent up to the task. You aren’t alone in this.

Enjoy solitude and time for yourself

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, or what still needs to be done. You need some time for yourself too and recharging regularly in the bossom of nature or that spa day… these are the details that make you shine.

Make your own opinion

Whatever you read or hear… even this article, make your own opinion. If you know what you do and why, if you stop following the crowd which goes into panic because someone said so and so… you can simplify your life enormously and the inner peace is your best reward.